WEEE Cutter Ants

wins 2nd place @ 2018 China International Contest of Popular Science Works




WHAT WEEE ARE is an ongoing multifaceted sociocultural multimedia project searching the deeper meanings of the world. A quest through waste and feelings and the richness of the earth, trying to untangle the intricacy of human, so called, society.

Questions rooted deep inside ourselves which have been forgotten, traded in for a superficial world made of  sexy images, cheap thrills, high-tech and dull bureaucracy. But what we really are is yet beyond our knowledge and despite all the civilization that has been built in the name of progress and growth, society is falling to pieces leaving nothing more than a toxic wasteland.

The issues regarding technological waste and the broad consequences it bares are still uncertain, while a growing army of frustrated youth is left on the streets after years of training, studying and internships. Living off of trash, scavenging on the streets, we are fighting for the remaining crumbs of our planet. The implications of the protracted linear system of technologies, precious metals and trash are serious.

The mission of GriffinMetals is to find the middle way to global mutual understanding, setting aside greed, and focusing on the deeper questions to heal our souls.

The videos are made in stop motion, using trash to create new concepts.

The sculptures are an icon of evolution, of what is now the base of our society: waste, technological, electronic waste in particular.

The jewels are exclusively made with metals regenerated from post consumption, including metals refined from WEEE

The combination of life experiences, travels, study and research are condensed into this site... enjoy the trip.