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San Francisco Comic Con 1-3 September, 2017 

Moscone Center West, 800 Howard Street San Francisco, CA, USA

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WHAT WEEE ARE is participating in the San Francisco Comic Con on September 1,2 and 3 @ Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA, USA

On Friday, the WHAT WEEE ARE team will roam the floors of the Comic Con to discover and be discovered by audience and colleague Anti and Super Heroes.

On Saturday morning, the screening of WHAT WEEE ARE - WEEE Cutter Ants (2015), which has already participated in many Film Festivals world wide. From Festival Internacional de Cine de Medio Ambiente (FICMA) in 2015 in Barcelona, to the All Lights India Film Festival Short Film Corner (ALIIF), from Minikino monthly discussions in Dempasar, Indonesia, all the way to California for the Wasteland Film Festival (2016) in the desert of California. Now, this two minute short has become a cult of the underground and is proud and honored to be nominee for Best Editing at this outstanding Comic Con event in San Francisco.

Always on September 2, after the matinée the Director and Co-Director will hold a 60 minute panel about Italian comic heritage and how the Anti-Hero archetype has influenced the development of Toxic Scorpion and Purple Bud, the protagonists, alchemists of the WHAT WEEE ARE films. The panel includes precious insights and will be followed by a Q&A session.

On Sunday September 3rd, in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Block there will be the latest short film by the duo, starring Toxic Scorpion and Purple Bud will take off on a Post Future Journey beyond the final frontier. From responsible use of raw materials to GMOs, technology represents both a threat and an opportunity in the discovery of new aspects of human evolution, WHAT WEEE ARE - WEEEdroponics brings imagination to a whole new level.

Finally on Sunday evening, the San Francisco Comic Con will close with the Film Festival Award Ceremony.


The WHAT WEEE ARE adventure continues in Nevada... Stay tuned for new updates...